Mash-up Monday


Happy Monday!

We hope you enjoyed the blog posts from the sessions and events that took place during the FPRA 75th Annual Conference last week. If you want more, you can click here to sign up for the FPRA Virtual Conference to watch the top presentations from our signature professional development event.

What else happened last week? Well, Hootsuite kicked off a two-part post on how content curation should fit in your overall strategy, Mashable built the case for whether or not you should be cutting social media out while you’re on vacation and Social Media Examiner gave a lesson on how Pinterest can help market your business.

So without further ado, sit back and enjoy!

How Content Curation Fits Into Your Marketing Mix, Pt. 1

Content marketing has become a red-hot buzzword for brands of all sizes. According to our B2B Marketing Trends survey, 87 percent of marketers use content marketing as a key part of their strategy. Curated content is a subset of content marketing where a person(or team) consistently finds and shares the most relevant and highest quality digital content on a specific topic.

Should You Take a Break From Social Media on Your Vacation?

Before social media, smartphones and tablets, going on vacation meant taking a hiatus from just about everything — no breaking news, no email and no updates from friends. If you really wanted to let loved ones know how your holiday was going, you’d send a postcard via snail mail, which probably didn’t even arrive until after you returned.

3 Unique Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

Does your business have a clear Pinterest strategy? Have you been struggling to figure out how Pinterest could help market your business? Pinterest represents a massive opportunity for both consumer-focused and business-to-business companies.

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