Mash-up Monday

Happy Monday everyone. We’re here to jump start your week with four rousing articles to get you through your day. Let’s Go!

If you missed it last week we have it here for you today: Want more ways to bring more people to your blog? We are sharing with you five creative ways that can boost the traffic you see. Chris Brogan enlightens us about the difference between marketing and creating a real relationship with followers and fans. Entrepreneur teaches us that digital marketing is about being personal. And last but not least, we all do it from time to time…procrastinate. We have a list of seven productivity-boosting tools that can help you in your fight against procrastination.

Take a break to get you out of your Monday morning rut and take a look at what we’ve mashed up for you.

5 Creative Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog Posts

Do you want more traffic to your blog? Are you struggling to catch the attention of more readers? Does this sound familiar? You write an amazing piece of content. You made sure to craft an attention-grabbing headline. You share the link on Twitter, Facebook, even Google+.

Marketing Vs Owning Relationships

The reason most companies and people have a challenge with their marketing efforts is that they’re trying to market and not own a relationship.

Digital Marketing: It’s Not Just Business, It’s Personal

Be human. It’s a simple idea, but what does that mean for online marketing? Our Team Digital, a group of experts in social media and public relations, weighed in on just this question in our debut Google Hangout, a regular series designed to help you better build your online brand.

7 Productivity-Boosting Tools to Fight Procrastination

You’re doing it again — spending too much valuable time on Twitter and Facebook. So we’ve narrowed down seven free and convenient browser plugins and extensions to help you stop procrastinating — now.

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