FPRA 2010 Annual Conference: Passing of the Gavel


At the conclusion of the Presidents’ Luncheon, 15 former FPRA State Presidents gathered on stage for the annual “passing of the gavel.” This is a fun time for each former state president to share highlights and funny stories from their year as state president.

Participants (pictured from right to left) were Joseph J. Curly, APR, CPRC (1982); Bob E. Gernert, Jr., APR, CPRC (1985); Marilyn Waters, APR, CPRC (1993); Jay Rayburn, II, Ph.D., APR, CPRC (1994); Lynn Schneider, APR, CPRC (1999); Rick Oppenheim, APR, CPRC (2000); Kathleen M. Giery, APR, CPRC (2001); Tricia Ridgway-Kaputska, APR, CPRC (2002); John McShaffrey, APR (2003); Leah Lauderdale, APR, CPRC (2005); Adrienne Moore, APR, CPRC (2006); Jessica Rye, APR, CPRC (2007); Suzanne Sparling, APR (2008); Lanette Hart, APR, CPRC (2009) and Sheridan Becht, APR, CPRC (2010).

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  1. Wendy Jo Moyer says:

    Wow Rick, that’s one big gavel!

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